Gabriel Lavella, PhD

  Chief Executive Officer

Peter Ledochowitsch, PhD

Chief Technology Officer

Dmitry Rinberg, PhD

    Chief Science Advisor

While advising DARPA programs related to the development of early high-scale neural interfaces, Gabriel realized human medical implants were only part of the incredible potential of this new technology. After consulting Peter and Dmitry, they all agreed that a technological breakthrough in digital olfaction could provide unimaginable benefits to society.

Canaery was founded on five core ideas

Nearly everything that exists, including explosives, narcotics and even human diseases, leaves behind a unique chemical trace in the form of detectable odor molecules

The average person lacks the ability to distinguish between hundreds of potentially important scents among millions of background odors

Human-made sensors will not approach the capabilities of a trained animal in real-world applications for at least several decades – if ever

Conventional detection animals are a limited resource because they are single-purpose, expensive to train, and difficult to scale

A computer interface designed for an animal nose would revolutionize the detection of important scents and unlock a deeper level of understanding about our world

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