World’s First Nose-Computer Interface

Canaery is developing the world’s first nose-computer interface (NCI). By combining the natural sense of smell with advanced neurotechnology and artificial intelligence, Canaery will be able to interpret every scent entering an animal’s olfactory system and prioritize the ones that matter to the customer.

Our Mission

By unlocking the hidden world of scent, Canaery can reveal new sources of knowledge and contribute to a safer, healthier society. Our enhanced working animals will revolutionize everything from the detection of illicit contraband, such as explosives, firearms and narcotics; to inspections for unwelcome pests like bed bugs and termites; and even screenings and diagnostics for diseases such as cancer, Covid-19 and Parkinson’s.

Commitment to Humane Animal Care

We ensure the health and welfare of every animal in our care, and partner only with reputable organizations with equally high standards for the ethical treatment of animals.

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